BFS Snowfire

I hope you have got all your fuchsias cut back and put away in your clean heated greenhouse. There have already been frosts in the north, midlands and central southern areas. If you don't possess a heated greenhouse, there are other overwintering methods as described in our new tri-fold overwintering leaflet. If you are in any doubts please contact you area rep of any on the committee.
Now is the time we are looking forward to trying new fuchsias for next year. Many of the nurseries have new cultivars to try. Obtain their catalogues and look at their websites.
The BFS seedling register also has details of new fuchsias that have been registered with us.
Wishing you a happy growing year for 2020.

Heated Greenhouse
  • Remove any old or yellowing leaves and treat any pests or disease as soon as seen.
  • Ventilate the greenhouse whenever possible.
  • Take cuttings from suitable shoots.
  • Turn plants through 90° every few days.
  • Keep the glass clean to maximise light.
  • Keep any whips being grown up to standards growing supported by a cane and keep 3 to 5 sets of the uppermost side shoots, removing any lower ones. Pot on as soon as the roots reach the bottom of the pot.
  • Stop show plants at every one to two pairs of leaves building up the shape.
Cold Greenhouse
  • Keep dormant plants protected from frost by covering with fleece on frosty nights. Each layer gives 1-2°C frost protection.
  • In bitterly cold weather some minimal heating may be needed to prevent temperatures falling to the point the plants are killed.
Frost-Free Storage
  • Check the plants every three to four weeks. The root balls of dormant plants should be kept moist, not dry not soaking wet.
  • Garden hardy fuchsias should be trimmed back by approx. one third to remove any soft growth. However, if fuchsia gall mite has been present cut hard to the ground and burn everything that has been pruned off.