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Next Event is BFS Eastern Road Show on the 8 October 2017 from 10:00 to 16:00 approx at the Clayton Community Centre nr Ipswich

Recent News

Important: I am pleased to announce we have someone who is very keen to take on the Editor Role.
I therefore plan to resign as editor at the 2018 AGM and stand for the full secretary role instead.

Fuchsia Gall Mite has been a problem at some of the recent National shows. Please can all exhibitors redouble their efforts to ensure any exhibits brought to shows are free of FGM

Next weekend will be the BFS national show as part of the Harrogate Autumn Show and then on the last full weekend of the month there will be a new national show as part of the Malvern Autumn Show
For those thinking of exhibiting at The National show as part of the Malvern Autumn Show, you can download the schedule from the members pages
I have also uploaded the Malvern Grow for show schedule and entry form, which has additional classes.

Members should receive their Autumn Bulletin towards the end of October with renewal and plant distribution forms. Please remember to return these as soon as possible and by 1/1/2018 if you want to take part in the plant distribution.

**Below you can find a link to the BFS page on the Hockey Centre website, where the clothing mentioned in the 2017 Spring Bulletin can be purchased online**
This link has also been added to the links page under Soceties and Others

The list of recent website updates are in a PDF file which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Latest Website Updates - click here

BFS Clothing with logo to purchase - click here

Now the fuchsia growing season is coming towards the end though plants in the garden and containers often will come back with a late flush of flowers, especially if we have a mild Indian Summer of an Autumn. So continue to feed and maintain the plants through September and October. Capsid bug damage seems to have been pretty bad this year and also fuchsia rust has been bad in the cooler wet and windy weather we had in July.

Depending where you are in the country you will need to prepare your plants for storage and put them away in a frost free place. If you are lucky enough to have a heated greenhouse you can keep them alive and in green leaf through the winter just pruning them back to a nice shape which will take up less space. Do make sure you have treated for any pests and diseases before putting them away. As a general rule always make sure the greenhouse is no more than two thirds full over the winter, to allow room for the plants to grow before they can be put out side again.

Soon it will be time to look to see what new fuchsias you would like to try for next year. you can look at our nursery links page and find some links to specialist fuchsia nurseries

Fuchsia Gall Mite

Fuchsia Gall mite has spread further north this year with a case being reported in Breacon, Powys and up at the top of Norfolk and so we all need to keep being vigilant. It is pretty well spread in the south of the country and we have had a lot of reports in these areas. So please keep an eye on your plants and those of your neighbours.

We are tracking where and when cases are found, you can find a link to a Google Maps page plotting the reports we have had on our links page - please can you contact with the post codes of any places where it is found.

Dont forget if you have any questions on fuchsias please ask us and we will do our best to help we have a great team who will answer your emails.

Please see our fact-sheet on Fuchsia Gall Mite - click here



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